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BIM management and coordination

Plan, execute and control building information modelling processes and workflows for achieving project goals. Read more

Inventory modelling of existing buildings

Preparing inventory models based on the drawings, point clouds and/or field measurements. Read more

Modelling, visualizations and simulations

Modelling of discipline/client specific models, preparing models for various analyses, conducting simpler specific analysis and reporting/delivering modelling and analyses results. Read more

BIM based construction preparation and management

BIM technology enables virtually build facilities that will help to reduce risks and make better decisions. Read more

Consulting services

Consulting construction organizations in BIM implementation. Read more

BIM and management trainings

Complex training of engineers within BIM, lean construction and construction organization topics according to specific client needs. The aim of the trainings is to support construction organization adopting BIM and lean for their puproses.

Model maintenance services

Provide server solution for storing models, including service for checking model version compatibility with software upgrades and make necessary conversion whenever needed.

Representation of products

Representation of partner companies and their products in Estonia. Providing technical support for local companies.

Research and development

Participation in research and software development projects.